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about me

Hi Guys! ​My name is Lydia, an ordinary girl born & raised in the vicinty of Carson, CA. Here is the back story as to how Healthy Lydz came about. ​I 've always enjoyed juicing! Understanding all the benefits it offers, the guilt free flavors, and knowing that I'm doing the best I can to care for my body inside. I juiced sporadically for a few years never fully incorporating it into my eating and meal planning. Working a full time job, a mother of 2, and being a wife, there was just NO WAY to juice consistently. I would create time to whip up a couple of bottles here and there but not enough to experience the full benefits juicing has to offer.​There I was, after a long day of work, I had no energy, bloated, disgruntled with who I've allowed myself to become. It was almost as though I was watching myself from the outside utterly disappointed. Disgusted with who I saw I was, I needed to make a change. I  vowed that I will not settle for this. So I arranged my schedule to start my day a bit earlier or to stay up a bit later than normal in order to get myself and most importantly my body on a regular juicing routine. I began integrating at least 2 juices a week and slowly increased my intake. 6 months later I felt AMAZING, better than I've felt in years. I was no longer bloated, my skin was luminescent, extremely energetic, and with no real goal to, I was down a pant size. Witnessing my endeavor to maintain this habit my family became curious. Real quick, my husband and kids couldn't fathom the idea of eating kale or celery let alone enjoy a salad. I made them a juice as fast as my hands could move.  At last, I found something that worked! My husband and kids have too been able to reap the advantage of consuming their fruits and veggies and actually enjoy it. Surprisingly, this has helped us all mentally, emotionally, and physically.​Sharing this with others, every so often I'd get a request  for a sample. Jokingly we'd poke fun that this could be a great business opportunity. Bouncing ideas off my family & close friends we thought, "Let's just give this idea a go". ​So longer story short, my family and I would like to share with YOU the values juicing has to offer promoting a healthier and longer life!

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